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July 30, 2020

Around 15 billion cigarette butts are tossed on the ground by South Africans every year, and each one of them is not only a toxic chemical bomb, it is also yet another piece of non-biodegradable single-use plastic. 

The Covid-19 crisis has served as a stern reminder that the world cannot leave well-known threats unattended. Understandably health and economic concerns have taken priority but, it would be a grave error to ignore...

July 14, 2020

Cape Town - The use of tobacco was diffused widely before its health effects were well understood and over decades scientists have made known to the world its devastating effects on health.

While stronger policies are being implemented to curb the tobacco epidemic; the tobacco industry, desperate to maintain its market, continues to introduce new ways of consuming tobacco and nicotine. 

“Safer” cigarettes did not start today, “l...

The tobacco industry has used the illicit tobacco trade – a problem it has itself fuelled – as an argument to rally against South Africa’s tobacco ban. This is a clear example of the industry’s deceitfulness and focus on profit at any cost to health. 

South Africa’s lockdown period in response to the Covid-19 pandemic included a temporary ban on the sale of tobacco and alcohol products. South Africa was one of a handful of coun...

July 4, 2020

She smoked for more than half her life, and while she often considered quitting, a Nelson Mandela Bay woman could never quite muster the willpower to stomp out the bad habit.

However, today she has been left with little choice as the ban on cigarette sales presses on and the price on the illicit market continues to soar.

Perhaps it was the only positive thing to have emerged from the coronavirus pandemic, but not only has quitti...

June 30, 2020

Statement of Leonce SESSOU, Executive Secretary, African Tobacco Control Alliance (ATCA)

"The fact that a substance is addictive does not render it essential." This is a unanimous conclusion by Judges Mlambo, Molefe and Basson on Friday 26 June 2020 while passing their judgment on the case between Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association’s (FITA) and the Government of South Africa regarding the ban on sale of cigarettes, e- c...

June 27, 2020

Fita attempted to have the order declaring the ban on sales changed. 

The North Gauteng High Court on Friday dismissed the Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association’s (Fita) urgent challenge to the controversial ban on cigarette and tobacco product sales during the Covid-19 pandemic, saying the ban did not have to be “the best nor the most suitable” approach.

“The discretion to choose suitable means is that of the repository of...

June 17, 2020

Tobacco use kills more than 8 million people each year and most adult smokers start smoking before the age of 20

This implies that if one can get through adolescence without smoking, the likelihood of being a smoker in adulthood is greatly reduced.

Preventing young people from becoming addicted to tobacco and related products is therefore key to a smoke-free future.

With the advent of novel tobacco products and the toba...

June 11, 2020

The government has maintained in court that Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, acted legally and rationally in banning the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products under the nationwide lockdown, saying the Disaster Management Act affords the minister broad powers to safeguard the health of SA citizens.

The case, brought by the Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association, was arg...

June 8, 2020

Dr Saloojee says lung cancer treatment costs the SA economy R33 billion, three times what is received in excise taxes for cigarettes.

The continued ban on cigarette sales in South Africa during Covid-19 lockdown has led desperate smokers paying exorbitant amounts for illicit cigarettes, while others have used the time to quit the habit.

Refilwe Moloto speaks to Dr Yussuf Saloojee, former executive director at the National Counci...

June 6, 2020

A life coach offers advice in terms of how you can support a loved on who is trying to quit smoking. 

POLOKWANE – One of the most-spoken about topics relating to the lockdown, is the prohibition on buying cigarettes. Some people have managed to buy illegal smokes at ridiculous prices, while others decided to stop smoking all-together.

Review spoke to life coach, Marie-Lee du Plooy about how to handle a loved one who has decided...

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