The Smokers Body

This must be one of the most disturbing images available of what smoking can do to your body. Just looking at the picture almost requires a health warning. Do you really want to contribute to doing this to your body every time you smoke a cigarette? Or even more terrifyingly, do you want to be responsible for doing this to the bodies of your children and people around you through second hand smoke. It is a new month on Sunday- the 1st October. Think about quitting. Find our quit booklet on or go to our FB page at quit-ncas and we can send you a copy on FB.

Are e-cigarettes healthier or not than cigarettes?

"Concerns have been raised about the safety of e-cigarettes containing nicotine after researchers found they increase a symptom linked to heart disease.The vaping devices were discovered to increase the blood pressure and heart rate of users.And the study found that a condition known as arterial stiffness was three times greater in smokers using an e-cigarette containing nicotine than in one without nicotine.While experts still say e-cigarettes are much healthier than tobacco cigarettes, the findings highlight that they are still not without risks." Health risks associated with use of e-cigarettes HEALTH & WELLNESS / 19 SEPTEMBER 2017, 12:00PM / DAILY MAIL For the full article, click here

Why has Derek Yach gone to work for PMI?

"The surprise announcement by the former head of the World Health Organization’s Tobacco Free Initiative, Derek Yach, that he would head a newly-established organization called the “Foundation for a Smoke-free World” to “accelerate the end of smoking” was met with gut-punched disappointment by those who have worked for decades to achieve that goal". A “Frank Statement” for the 21st Century? 19 Sep 2017 Marita Hefler, News Editor, BMJ Blogs To read the full article, click here

Did the false KPMG Report help tobacco companies to not pay the R12 billion they reportedly owe SARS

Was the tobacco industry a beneficiary of the false KPMG report which led to the incorrect labelling of the SARS investigative unit as ‘rogue’? The question has to be asked as Ivan Pillay, acting SARS Commissioner, had in 2013, asked the National Prosecuting Authority to prosecute 15 local tobacco manufacturers and importers for involvement in the illicit tobacco trade and for tax evasion to the value of R12 billion (Daily Maverick, 24/2/2016). There is no evidence that this money has been paid. KPMG International were appointed as auditors of BAT International at the same time as they were working for SARS to report on the role of the SARS investigative unit – the same SARS investigative un

Is UCT out-smoking other universities?

UCT raises the bar amongst South African universities with its new smoking policy introduced in June 2017. "Smoking is not permitted in any enclosed place, including private residential space within UCT housing. Smoking is also prohibited in service areas and service lines on balconies, verandas, covered walkways, and in parking areas and links to other buildings. All areas, whether enclosed or not, where food and beverages are prepared, purchased or consumed, and within five metres of these areas, will now be non-smoking zones. Some other hot spots on campus where you will no longer be able to smoke include, but are not limited to, Cissie Gool Plaza, the Health Sciences quad, the quad betwe

E-cigarette debate continues

"Debate falls into two main camps: those who advocate a harm-reduction approach and say any product that is safer than cigarettes and can help even small numbers of people quit should be readily available; and those who say there is not enough long-term evidence about the safety of e-cigarettes, and the involvement of big tobacco is a cause for serious concern." The Guardian 28 Aug 2017 The National Council Against Smoking is firmly in the second camp and is very concerned about e-cigarettes. For the full article, click here