Teaching South Africa to love their hearts

September 29 is World Heart Day. To mark the day this year -- and South Africans to learn to love their hearts -- the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa is launching the first World Heart Day Fun Walk. The foundation has paired up with the Department of Cardiology at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital for the walk which has a 5km option and a 8km one It will take place on Sunday September 30 and is set to be an annual event on the calendar. In the run up to the big event, the foundation paired up with the National Council Against Smoking and took to Wits University to help students understand how they could keep their hearts healthy. Students were encouraged drink less alc

We lobby SA's Finance Minister to raise tobacco taxes

The National Council Against Smoking has teamed up with Amandla.mobi and set up a petition to calling on South Africa's Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene to increase excise taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products to 70% of the price in the 2019 budget. This is because the health costs of tobacco far outweigh the current tobacco tax. If we are to ensure our country has a healthy future, a higher tobacco tax would mean more revenue for health, while also reducing the number of smokers, benefitting non-smokers and smokers alike. We are now calling South Africans to sign the petition to show the minister that we support a move to increase tobacco taxes. In October, the finance minister will delive

Five facts to show you how tobacco wipes the smile off your dial

Most people know that smoking leads to lung cancer. But many are not aware that smoking also affects other parts of your body – and particularly your mouth and throat area. We’ve compiled some quick facts to show how dangerous smoking can be for your mouth -- whether your use cigarettes, snuff or hookah pipes. 1: Your risk of developing cancer increases People who smoke have a higher risk of developing oral cancers such as lip cancer, throat cancer and mouth cancer, according to research conducted by the American Cancer Society. Oral cancer is the 11thmost common cancer in the world. Smoking is a primary risk factor for this type of cancer and has been linked to about 41% of the oral cancer

Time to join the global movement to stub out the tobacco epidemic

Bill targets an industry tapping new forms of addiction, writes Patricia Lambert The new Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Bill is all about regulating a voracious industry to protect young people, workers and nonsmokers from the deadly harm of tobacco and nicotine products. Any claims that the bill is targeting the choices of smokers and e-cigarette users miss the point. The tobacco industry is losing ground in highincome nations, with smoking rates and cigarette sales falling. Tobacco companies have shifted their sights for future profits to lower- and middleincome countries and see African countries as especially ripe for exploitation. The World Health Organisati

Snuff is more addictive, harmful and harder to give up

There’s a common myth that the use of snuff is a harmless pastime – and that it’s almost a right of passage for older women in many communities. In South Africa snuff is taken nasally while users in countries like India its chewed. Research show that about 16% of black South African women use snuff and that most of them believe it’s not as harmful as cigarettes. Take Nomsa, a 47-year-old mother of three as an example. As a young girl growing up in the Eastern Cape, her grandmother’s snuff was a familiar sight in their home. So years later when her friends suggested she try it for her unbearable headaches, she didn’t think twice. At the time she was 28. She’s been using snuff for almost 20 y

UCT pulls the plug on e-cigarette promotion event after outrage

The University of Cape Town has been forced to cancel an event that its business school had planned to co-host with tobacco company Phillip Morris International after academics and civil society organisations raised the alarm about it. The event Technology as a Game Changer was to be hosted by the university's Graduate School of Business and was scheduled to be held in the business school’s boardroom on September 13, 2018. But several academics wrote to the university's management advising them of the negative consequences of being affiliated to the event. "What I do wish to point out is that the GSB’s co-hosting with Phillip Morris is both a serious political error for UCT and a statement o

The cigarette industry is being disingenuous in its efforts to oppose draft tobacco control laws

With 19% of South Africans still smoking and an annual cost of health harm estimated to be a massive and unsustainable R59-billion, it is essential that the health minister act to protect the health of South Africans, writes SAVERA KALIDEEN. Japan Tobacco International’s spurious claims in a recent article shows that they are fully aware that the evidence-based proposals in the Draft Bill will continue to make it easier for South Africans to make the healthy choice – and to choose to live smoke-free lives. Over the last six years, the global tobacco industry has launched court battles in five different countries going from regional to national, constitutional and supreme courts to oppose law