Just a little cigarette butt? Think again. Six ways smoking is killing our ecosystem

Around six trillion cigarettes were manufactured across the world in 2014. Of this, it is estimated that more than 60% of the cigarette butts were disposed of in the environment. Up to two thirds of every cigarette smoked is discarded onto the ground, translating to between 340 and 680 million tons of waste tobacco littering streets, drains and water bodies every year. This waste contains over 7000 toxic chemicals. Most people only think of the human impact that cigarettes have when a smoker is puffing away nearby. But the harsh reality is that cigarettes have an impact on the environment from the time they are grown through the time they are manufactured up until the point that a smoker st

E-cigarettes are good or bad depending on the study – so what’s the truth?

Dr Sarah Mitchell, Martin Clift and Professor Shareen Doak from Swansea University look at the evidence around e-cigarettes. The number of adults currently using e-cigarettes in the UK is close to 2.9m, many of whom will have turned to the devices to quit smoking. While certainly they may help people kick the habit, there is a big problem with e-cigarettes: we don’t actually know for certain whether they are safe or not. E-cigarettes were originally designed as an alternative to, and an aid for quitting, tobacco cigarettes. They aim to deliver nicotine effectively in a safer, albeit similar, manner. They are thought to contain far fewer toxic ingredients than their tobacco counterparts – tob