Don’t be tempted to turn to smoking this festive

As the new year gets started, and we embark on new goals for 2019 , the National Council Against Smoking urges smokers who have given up to resist the urge pick up the habit again. The National Council Against Smoking provides a telephonic quit line counselling service which helps people to give up smoking. Each January there is a surge in the number of calls from people who want help to give up smoking. Savera Kalideen, Executive Director of the National Council Against Smoking explains: “It’s often in the December and January period when we are spending time with our loved ones and enjoying festivities that smokers who have given up feel the temptation to smoke. This is because there are

Smoking more risky for TB, HIV patients

With more than 7 million people living with HIV, South Africa is home to the world’s largest HIV epidemic. About 3.4 million people are on HIV treatment – the largest of any country in the world – and as coverage continues to improve, this number will continue to grow. The government’s decision to prioritise the roll out of anti-retroviral treatment over the last 15 years has been one of South Africa’s biggest success stories. For hundreds of thousands of people living with HIV, it has meant that they are able to live longer, and continue to be healthy for longer. One of these is that people living with HIV are more susceptible to develop tuberculosis. People who are infected with HIV are 20