New Orleans VA to enforce stricter, nationwide smoking ban — including vaping

At the main entrance of the New Orleans Veterans Affairs Medical Center, a large white easel with the words “No Smoking” sits about 50 feet from a long line of benches where several veterans are perched with cigarettes. Starting October 1, those veterans will be asked to move completely off campus to smoke. A nationwide smoking ban will be implemented at all veteran’s affairs facilities, including the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System, which includes eight clinics serving 23 parishes. Smoking has not been permitted at the new VA in New Orleans since it opened in 2016, but tighter regulations mean veterans waiting to be picked up will have to take their cigarettes elsewhere. Wil

Flavored-tobacco products may be banned for sale in Burbank

Those who use flavored-tobacco products soon may not be able to purchase them in Burbank. The City Council unanimously voted on Tuesday to approve the first reading of an ordinance banning the sale of flavored tobacco in an effort to reduce the number of teens and children using e-cigarettes, vape pens and other tobacco products. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors advanced a similar ban on Tuesday. Burbank’s proposed ban includes flavored items including cigars, cigarillos, chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, solutions used in vaping devices known as e-liquids, menthol cigarettes, cigarettes already prohibited by federal law and components and accessories, such as roll

Smoking ban comes into affect at Basingstoke hospital tomorrow

FROM tomorrow Basingstoke hospital will become a smoke-free zone. Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust took the decision to introduce the ban after the father of a newborn complained that his son’s first breaths were tainted by second-hand smoke when leaving Basingstoke hospital. When news of the ban was announced residents praised the decision from the Trust but said it would only work if it is fully enforced by hospital staff. The ban will put a stop to smoking from all of the Trusts sites across the county including Andover War Memorial Hospital and Royal Hampshire County Hospital, in Winchester. The move will help to make sure that patients, visitors and staff are not exposed to ciga

As more research about vaping becomes available, another shocking new finding – it could harm young

A new study found that young women who vape may find it more difficult to conceive due to vaping affecting their eggs. Although vaping has been considered a healthier alternative to smoking and has gained popularity on social media, it has recently been found to cause a wide range of problems. Studies have shown that vaping can damage DNA, trigger lung damage similar to that caused by emphysema, and explode in people's faces. Now, adding to the list of problems associated with vaping, scientists say that it may harm fertility and pregnancy outcomes in young women. The study, published in the Journal of Endocrine Society, used a mouse model to establish whether exposure to e-cigarettes impair

Hubbly Bubbly/Hookah/ Shisha Warning

Think smoking hubbly bubbly is less harmful than a cigarette? Think again. Smoking hubbly, also known as a hookah, is more dangerous than smoking a normal cigarette, so say experts. Hubbly bubbly has become a fashion accessory, and young people in particular are often seen smoking the water pipes at social events. Experts told Weekend Witness that several clinical studies have shown that smoking a water pipe may expose the smoker to more smoke — and its harmful effects — over a longer and more intense period of time than smoking a cigarette. A study done by the World Health Organisation found that cigarette smokers take between eight and 12 puffs within five to seven minutes when smoking, an

E-cigarette death toll hits 21 and disease cases surge beyond 1,000 as people urged to stop

HEALTH bosses have urged people to stop using e-cigarettes as the number of people falling ill from vaping continues to soar. There have now been 21 reported deaths across the US while cases of those contracting the mysterious lung disease has surged beyond 1,000. The most recent fatalities were reported in Michigan and Pennsylvania over the weekend. In Michigan, health officials wouldn't disclose details other than that the victim was an adult male, while Pennsylvania also announced its first vaping-related death on Friday. It's prompted the Food and Drug Administration to issue a warning to stop using THC vaping products immediately. FDA Acting Commissioner Dr. Ned Sharpless said: "We're s

Chile launches bill to regulate the use of electronic cigarettes

The Chilean Ministry of Health sent to Congress on Tuesday a bill on the electronic cigarette that imposes the same regulations on use and marketing that traditional tobacco currently has. The project to regulate these devices, whose use has been widespread in Chile mainly among men, prohibits consumption in minors and their use in public places, restricts their advertising and forces their packaging to have warnings about the damage they generate to health. "These devices will have the same standards as traditional cigarettes. They will be treated exactly the same," said Jaime Mañalich, Minister of Health, at a press conference. The electronic cigarette allows the inhalation of liquids with

FIFA and WHO team up to promote healthy stadiums, fans

GENEVA (Reuters) - Soccer’s world governing body FIFA and the World Health Organization (WHO) agreed on Friday to work together to ensure tobacco-free environments at stadiums and to promote healthy lifestyles through football. The United Nations agency will also provide advice to FIFA regarding healthy diets, food safety, mass gatherings and the risks associated with alcohol. FIFA President Gianni Infantino and WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus signed the four-year memo of understanding at the WHO’s headquarters in Geneva. Infantino, whose Zurich-based organization is emerging from a major corruption scandal in 2015, said that FIFA and the WHO made “natural partners”. “We fina

Early Signs of Vaping Health Risks Were Missed or Ignored

Doctors and researchers scattered around the globe saw problems, but ‘nobody put two and two together’ Scientists, regulators and e-cigarette proponents missed, ignored or downplayed signs that vaping could significantly damage the lungs for nearly a decade, a review of medical literature, government documents and interviews with doctors shows. At least 15 incidents of lung injuries linked to vaping occurred prior to this year’s epidemic, a review by Bloomberg News found. The cases — spanning the globe from Guam to Japan to England to the U.S. — include reports of mysterious pneumonia and fatal bleeding from tiny air sacs. “It’s fair to say that there were early warning signs that were misse

Research shows vaping-related lung disease may be caused by chemical exposure

Lung damage in those using e-cigarettes might be caused by chemicals in the vape liquid, according to a letter published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine. The findings are among the first to offer insight into what might have sickened more than 800 people in recent months who vaped. At least 17 people nationwide have died from vaping-related illnesses. The cause is unclear, although several federal and state agencies are investigating. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic found the lung damage was similar to a chemical burn. "It seems to be some kind of direct chemical injury, similar to what one might see with exposures to toxic chemical fumes, poisonous gases and toxic agents,"

Vaping lung injuries top 1,000 cases as deaths rise to 18

Health officials are amplifying their recommendation that people refrain from using e-cigarettes or vaping, particularly products containing THC Hundreds more people in the U.S. have been sickened by a mysterious vaping-related lung disease, and the death toll has risen to 18, according to federal health data released Thursday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 1,080 cases have been reported, up from the 805 reported a week ago. Vaping-related injuries have now been reported in almost every state. Data released Thursday confirm earlier trends. Most patients had a history of vaping products containing THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Most are male and young, wi

Smoking cigarettes can lead to Breast Cancer

Smoking causes a number of diseases and is linked to a higher risk of breast cancer in younger, premenopausal women. Research also has shown that there may be link between very heavy second-hand smoke exposure and breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women. Smoking also can increase complications from breast cancer treatment, including: damage to the lungs from radiation therapy difficulty healing after surgery and breast reconstruction higher risk of blood clots when taking hormonal therapy medicines Steps you can take If you don't smoke, don't start. If you do smoke, use every resource you can find to help you quit. Knowing about all of the problems associated with smoking isn't always eno