Watch ex-smoker Becky talks about the effects smoking caused, and how she has to live on oxygen.

Ever heard of second-hand smoke? And what about third hand smoke?? Third hand smoke is known as cotinine, an anagram of nicotine. It can be found on carpets, walls and curtains and other places in smoker’s homes.

Children should be in playgrounds not in hospitals. Keep children’s lungs healthy.

#WorldNoTobaccoDay 31 May 2019

Lung cancer is the 3rd most common cancer among men in South Africa. #WorldNoTobaccoDay May 31 2019

#besmokefree it’s better for you 

This video shows how Waterpipe Tobacco effects the cardiovascular system. This video was prepared by the WHO FCTC Secretariat’s Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking @WaterpipeKH

In the weeks before comments for the bill closed, the tobacco industry went on a massive offensive trying to get South Africans not to support the Draft Tobacco Control Bill. 

Watch NCAS Executive Director Savera Kalideen explain the need for the bill on eNCA's Morning...

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