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Is UCT out-smoking other universities?

UCT raises the bar amongst South African universities with its new smoking policy introduced in June 2017.

"Smoking is not permitted in any enclosed place, including private residential space within UCT housing.

Smoking is also prohibited in service areas and service lines on balconies, verandas, covered walkways, and in parking areas and links to other buildings.

All areas, whether enclosed or not, where food and beverages are prepared, purchased or consumed, and within five metres of these areas, will now be non-smoking zones.

Some other hot spots on campus where you will no longer be able to smoke include, but are not limited to, Cissie Gool Plaza, the Health Sciences quad, the quad between Kramer and All Africa House, University Avenue between Molecular and Cell Biology and the NSLT block, and the area between Leslie Social Sciences and the Geological Sciences buildings.

Smoking is banned within a 10-metre radius of any entrance or exit to buildings, air-conditioning intakes, or operable windows.

The Physical Planning Unit will ensure that there are visible no-smoking signs posted at all points of entry to the campuses and at all building entrances, as well as demarcating which areas are restricted and how far the zones extend.

In line with the university’s desire to promote a healthier working environment, UCT has chosen not to promote smoking and has opted not to allocate designated smoking rooms or areas inside the restricted areas.

No ashtrays will be provided at any location on campus where smoking is prohibited.The selling or distribution of smoking related products on campus, which includes e-cigarettes, cigars and pipes, including hookah pipes, is also prohibited.Violations of the policy will be treated in accordance with general campus disciplinary procedures.' 26 June 2017

For the full smoking policy click here

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