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Tobacco caused 7.1 million fatalities worldwide last year

Heart disease and smoking are the leading causes of death associated with a range of health conditions, which include cancer and respiratory diseases.

""Life expectancy in Nigeria is growing, but people in many other sub-Saharan African countries are living longer, healthier lives". Nigeria has a higher life expectancy than South Africa, Niger, or Cameroon, but it lags behind Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. These exemplar countries may provide information on successful policies that have helped accelerate progress on health. About 19 percent of deaths were from communicable diseases, maternal diseases, neonatal diseases and nutritional diseases. Deaths from that mosquito-borne disease have increased by 81.8 percent since 2006, to 37,800 in 2016. Mental illness and substance abuse disorders affected more than 1 billion people in 2016, yet access to treatment for these health problems remains abysmally low, even in high-income countries, the report notes. On the other hand, noncommunicable diseases - such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes - are now responsible for nearly three out of four (72.3 percent) of early deaths. Early deaths associated with diabetes, for example, totaled 1.4 million in 2016, up 31 percent since 2006."

Newburgh Gazette

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