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What is third-hand smoke and does it affect us?

We all know that first-hand smoke is smoke inhaled by a smoker and that second-hand smoke is the exhaled smoke of the smoker which affects people around the the smoker, but what is third-hand smoke? Third-hand smoke is the second-hand smoke that gets left on the surfaces of objects which ages over time and becomes more and more toxic.

"Third-hand smoke is a potential health threat to children, spouses of smokers and workers in environments where smoking is, or has been, allowed. Contamination of the homes of smokers by third-hand smoke is high, both on surfaces and in dust, including children's bedrooms. Third-hand smoke, which contains strong carcinogens, has been found to persist in houses, apartments and hotel rooms after smokers move out." (ScienceDaily, January 30, 2014)

Studies conducted on mice by by the University of California on the effects of third-hand smoke found "significant damage occurs in the liver and lung. Wounds in these mice took longer to heal. Further, these mice displayed hyperactivity." (For full study, click here)

Research has shown that children living with one or two adults who smoke in the home, where second- and third-hand smoke are abundant, are absent 40 percent more days from school due to illness than children who did not live with smokers.

For full article, click here.

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