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Hookahs (Hubbly Bubblies) are deadly

We received a call at the National Council Against Smoking earlier this week from a very distressed father whose 3 year old daughter had tried a hookah at a relative's house. This is problematic on a number of levels

- it is illegal for any adult to supply tobacco to a child under 18 and hookahs contain tobacco

-it is especially bad for children to try hookahs as their lungs are still developing

- tobacco in hookahs is the same as tobacco in cigarettes and can result in cancer, lung damage, heart disease and TB

,-sharing a hookah pipe can spread herpes

-hookahs are addictive and still have nicotine in the smoke

Maybe the relative who let the 3 year old try the hookah didn't know how dangerous hookahs are? Maybe the 3 year old was crying to try it because every one else was? We can't be sure but the point is, we all need to educate ourselves about the dangers of hookahs and keep ourselves and others around us safe.

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