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The National Council Against Smoking calls on SA to support e-cigarette regulation

With 10 days left before comments for the new tobacco control bill closes, The National

Council Against Smoking is calling on South Africa to show their support for the bill.

The Draft Tobacco Bill is out for public comment until 9 August 2018 and the NCAS welcomes

the proposed regulation of e-cigarettes outlined in the bill as well as the call for no indoor

smoking areas, plain packaging for tobacco products, no advertising at till points or vending

machines for cigarettes.

“The regulation of e-cigarettes is necessary because of the health harm that they cause both to

the user, and the non-user exposed to the toxins that are emitted from the product,” says

NCAS Executive Director Savera Kalideen.

“E-cigarette use has been linked to the development of lung diseases such as Chronic

Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Cystic Fibrosis, and if it is used during pregnancy it can

cause sudden infant death syndrome,” she added.

Studies have also linked the use of e-cigarettes to an increased heart rate and high blood pressure, which are often precursors to heart disease. The Draft Bill bans the use of e- cigarettes in all indoor public places and limits use in outdoor public places. The marketing, advertising and sponsorship of e-cigarettes will also be banned with the sale of e-cigarettes restricted to adults over the age of 18.

A recent survey among high school learners by the Bureau of Economic Research showed that

nearly 4 in every 10 learners who participated in the survey had smoked cigarettes, while just

under 3 out of every 10 had used e-cigarettes.

Most had started smoking in their early high school years (Grades Eight and Nine) and had

experimented with a variety of tobacco products.

The proposed regulation sends a clear message to South Africans that e-cigarettes are

harmful to their health and that it is time to stop using them!

For comment:

NCAS Executive Director Savera Kalideen

Tel: 011 7251514 Cell: 0712270939

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