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The truth is... busting the myths about smoking among SA's young people

There are many different reasons why people smoke. We've looked at some of the top reasons people use to justify their smoking habit. And we've taken this opportunity to dispel these myths and set you on the right path. Have a look at the common myths that people use to continue to smoke.

No one wants to feel left out. Everyone wants to be part of the in crowd. We all want to belong. And at the end of the day everybody has their own reason for smoking. But belonging is just a common myth that some of us use to excuse our habit. The reality is you can connect with friends on many levels. Smoking doesn't have to be the thing you have in common with your friend. The truth is you can find other ways to feel like you belong in a group of friends. You share many other common interests with friends.

All of us have habits that we want to stop.We hate that we love to do it so much. The problem is that nicotine is addictive and that's why its so hard to stop. But the truth is you can stop. Love your willpower, hate the nicotine. The good news is there is help out there. Call us on 011 7203145.

Social smokers convince themselves that they don't smoke all the time. They say smoking when they drink is too occasional to be a health risk. The bad news is that their little part time habit still causes harm.

We know it's human to do things that are bad for us. But smokers justify their habit by saying they know the harm they are doing to themselves. But why be bad to yourself when you've just decided to treat yourself good this year.

That might have been the case way back in the 1990s. But it's 2019 now. The truth is woke folk don't smoke.

Manufacturers say they're lighter, less toxic and better for you than cigarettes. They promote them with their funky flavours and their sexy packaging. But the truth is: e-cigarettes may be less harmful than cigarettes but they are not harmless.

​​Your willpower is your key to stop smoking. Sweets, gum, carrots or chewing on straws are short term distractions that may help some. But to give up you must remind yourself why you went on your smoke-free journey in the first place. We can help you quit. Call us on 011 720 3145.

Most smokers think they are smoking to cope with stress. They don't realise they've become addicted to nicotine. When the nicotine wears off, it makes them feel stressed out.

But it's actually the nicotine craving. There are other ways to de-stress. Take a walk. Listen to some music. Talk to a friend.

Most smokers don't think they are addicts. But the truth is: nicotine in one of the most addictive drugs and one of the hardest to give up. Challenge yourself to stop your nicotine habit this year. #besmokefree.

For help to stop smoking, call our telephonic counselling service on 011 720 3145, whatsApp us on 063 828 2909 or reach out on Facebook (SAQuitline) to Twitter (@SAQuitline).

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