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Bright eyed and bushy tailed ... NCAS helps first year university students #besmokefree

There was a hustle and a bustle on university campuses in Johannesburg this week as first year university students descended on campuses to start their journeys of their new lives.

The National Council Against Smoking made sure it had a presence on the campuses and took the opportunity to launch their #besmokefree campaign.

#besmokefree is a chance for students to tell their story:​ why they don't smoke, why they're trying to quit, why they're struggling to stop smoking, how they or their family members have been affected by smoking and what they're going to do to stay smoke-free in 2019.

​They were encouraged to join the #besmokefree movement and to sign the petition to show their support of the Draft Tobacco Control Bill, which is scheduled to go to Parliament later this year.

At Wits University, NCAS had a stand on Library Lawns all week.

And at UJ, we visited student residences where we spread our #besmokefree messages.

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