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PMI event sponsorship "tantamount to tobacco advertising" - civil society

An Update on Civil society actions on PMI Sponsorship of Africa Trade & Customs summit (7-9 November 2022)

————————————————————————————————— A Timeline

11- 12 October 2022- 11 South African Organisations and 19 individual partners develop, approve & sign up to letter directed to the S.A government and Dadem Investments (the organisers of the event).

13 October 2022 - Letter sent to Dadem Investments

13 October 2022 - Letters sent to Minister of Health, Minister of Finance, Department of Trade Industry and Competition, International Relations and the office of the Deputy President of RSA

24 October 2022 - An ATCA petition signed by 35 Organisations from 23 Countries is sent to the S.A government and Dadem Investments

1 November 2022 - Dadem Investments responds to the letter dated 13 October 2022, disputing violation of Tobacco Control laws.

4 November 2022 - The Protect Our Next issues a media release - Philip Morris International (PMI) sponsorship of AFRICA TRADE & CUSTOMS WEEK SUMMIT denounced by civil society

7 November 2022 - The Protect our Next communications team informs us that the PMI logo was removed from the Africa Trade & Customs summit event page.

We thank all the S.A and regional partners for their support.

See media outputs -

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