Philippines reports first vaping-linked illness

MANLIA, Philippines - The Philippines on Friday reported its first case of a vaping-linked illness, as health authorities expressed concern at court orders preventing them from regulating electronic cigarettes. A rash of vaping-linked deaths and illnesses in some countries has raised concern over the rising popularity of e-cigarettes, touted as less harmful than tobacco. India and some US states have banned e-cigarettes. A 16-year-old girl in the central Philippines who had been using e-cigarettes for six months was hospitalised last month for severe shortness of breath and met the criteria for vaping-related lung injury, the health department said. The girl was treated by a paediatric pulmo

The Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

We hear a lot about the health risks of smoking – but what happens when you quit? Good news! The effects of smoking are actually reversed with every cigarette you don’t have. Over time, your risk of life-threatening health problems, including cancer, reduces dramatically. As soon as you stop smoking your body begins to repair itself. The health benefits of quitting smoking: Within 6 hours Your heart rate slows and your blood pressure becomes more stable. Within a day Almost all of the nicotine is out of your bloodstream. The level of carbon monoxide in your blood has dropped and oxygen can more easily reach your heart and muscles. Your fingertips become warmer and your hands steadier. Withi

Nicotine & Addiction

You may think that you can use tobacco without becoming addicted. But the truth is, most teens who use tobacco will get hooked. Three out of four teens who smoke cigarettes in high school will still be smoking as adults. What Is Nicotine? Nicotine is the chemical found in tobacco products that is responsible for addiction. When you use tobacco, nicotine is quickly absorbed into your body and goes directly to your brain. Nicotine activates areas of the brain that make you feel satisfied and happy. Whether you smoke, vape, or dip, the nicotine you are putting in your body is dangerously addictive and can be harmful to your developing brain. What Does Nicotine Addiction Look Like? Nicotine addi

Experts call for global ban on e-cigarettes

London - Official promotion of e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to smoking is creating a vaping epidemic which could see a generation addicted to nicotine, experts warn. A team of international cardiologists have published evidence the devices can damage the brain, heart, blood vessels and lungs – and calls for a ban. It is just the latest warning about the safety of e-cigs – and mounts pressure on the medical establishment, which continues to promote them as useful tools for stopping smoking. The study comes after Ewan Fisher, 19, from Nottingham, told how he almost died from serious respiratory failure after vaping. The scientists said there is little evidence to support claims e-cigare

Hookah is the most popular flavored tobacco product among youth

Flavored tobacco products are often the first kind of tobacco product youth ever use. In fact, according to a Truth Initiative® study on flavored tobacco use, most youth tobacco users — 81 percent — say the first tobacco product they used was flavored, with hookah having the highest rate of flavored tobacco use among youth who currently use tobacco. Although federal law bans flavors in cigarettes — except for menthol — it doesn't ban flavors in other tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco, cigars, e-cigarettes and hookah. With this gap in regulation, hookah comes in an array of fruit and candy flavors. The tobacco industry uses these flavors to attract youth and markets flavored produ

Apple bans vaping apps

Apple Inc. said it is removing 181 vaping-related apps from its App Store amid growing health concerns about e-cigarettes. The company said it never allowed apps that sell cartridges on the store, but other vape-related software, such as apps that control vaping pens or provided industry news or vape-focused games, were allowed. Apple initially stopped approving such apps in June, and now it is pulling them from the App Store entirely. If a user has already downloaded one of these apps, the software will continue to work on iPhones, but it will no longer show up on the App Store for new customers to download. “We take great care to curate the App Store as a trusted place for customers, parti

India tightens clamps on e-cigarettes

New Delhi — The Indian government has told a court that its federal ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes implies that their use is also prohibited, in a further clampdown on the devices. Citing health risks, India in September banned the import, manufacture, sale, advertisement, storage and distribution of e-cigarettes, dashing future plans of companies such as US-based Juul Labs and Philip Morris International. India’s decision, however, did not ban the use of such devices outright, and a senior health ministry official said after the announcement that e-cigarette use would not be barred. However, in a November 5 filing in a Kolkata court, where the government is defending two legal cha

First Belgian death linked to vaping after teen given e-cigarette for his 18th birthday

An 18-year-old given an electronic cigarette for his birthday is thought to be the first person in Belgium to die from vaping. Raphaël Pauwaert, from Brussels, died less than a month after getting pneumonia, which doctors attributed to vaping. "He played rugby, so he was a strong boy,” said his father Thierry, 45, “In one week, however, I saw him decay into a wreck. And after 26 days in a coma, we had to bury him." Doctors said the death was most likely caused by his e-cigarette or its liquid filling, which a friend had given him as an 18th birthday gift. “I hope that the death of my son can help prevent other victims of the e-cigarette,” Mr Pauwaert said. On Monday, it was reported that Ewa

Second hand smoke

Breathing in other people’s smoke can cause cancer. Second-hand smoke can cause other health problems too, including heart disease, stroke and breathing problems. A non-smoker sitting in a smoke filled room for 8 hours will breathe as many cancer-causing chemicals as if he or she had smoked 36 cigarettes. Tobacco and second hand smoke contain over 4 500 chemicals. Smoke from the burning end of a cigarette has more poisons than smoke inhaled by the smoker. Some of these poisons include acetone (in paint stripper), naphthalene (in mothballs), butane (in lighter fluid), arsenic (in ant poison), ammonia (in toilet cleaner), phenol (in disinfectant) and carbon monoxide (in exhaust fumes). Childre

Why do farmers cultivate tobacco leaf? Evidence from Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is a major and increasingly important producer of tobacco leaf for the global market. In the last decade, there has been a marked shift in tobacco leaf production from high income countries to Africa. Both the size of the area under tobacco cultivation and amount of tobacco leaf produced have increased markedly in Africa since 2003. This increase is largely driven by narratives of economic prosperity for both government revenue and tobacco farmers’ livelihoods. However, there is mounting empirical evidence showing that most smallholder farmers in major tobacco leaf-producing countries such as Malawi and Zambia are making little profits, if not losses from tobacco farming.

Fine, jail for tobacco sellers who flout packaging rule from July 2020

SINGAPORE — Tobacco manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers may face jail time and a fine of up to S$10,000 if their products do not conform to standardised packaging and enlarged graphic health warning requirements from Jul 1, 2020. The Ministry of Health (MOH) said in a press release on Monday (Jul 1) that these requirements — collectively referred to as the SP measure — will apply to all tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, beedies, “ang hoon” and other roll-your-own tobacco products. MOH previously announced its decision to implement the SP measure in October 2018, following an “extensive process” of review, research and several rounds of public consultations, it

Canada: Plain-Packaged Cigarettes Have Hit Shelves on November 9th

Health Canada’s plain packaging regulations for cigarettes have gone into effect on the 9th of November, following which retailers now have a 90-day window to sell any remaining stock in regular packaging. As per the new regulation, all cigarette packets will now feature the same brown base colour, grey text and plain layout. The measure also dictates the size and appearance of cigarettes, cigars and other products inside the packages. These rules are part of the federal government’s strategy to reduce tobacco use among Canadians to less than 5% of the population by 2035. “It’s a very significant public health measure and it’s going to make a difference,” said Rob Cunningham, senior policy a

Sweeping new B.C. regulations on vape products include higher taxes, health warnings on packaging

Rules to be implemented include PST increase of 13 percentage points, limits on advertising B.C. has announced new rules on vape products, including higher taxes, restrictions on sales and advertising, limits on nicotine content and constraints on packaging. Beginning in the spring of 2020, vapour pods and liquids will only be allowed to contain 20 milligrams of nicotine per millilitre, and will have to be sold in plain packaging with health warnings. Flavoured products will only be sold in vape-specific shops with age restrictions, and no advertising will be allowed in public spaces like bus shelters or parks where young people gather. The tobacco tax rate will also be increased by two cent

Thailand becomes first country in Asia to roll out plain cigarette packaging

Thailand rolled out plain cigarette packaging on Tuesday, the first country in Asia to introduce what activists say is an effective way to reduce the appeal of smoking. In 2012, Australia became the first country to require tobacco products to be sold without colorful brand logos. Since then a host of mostly European countries have followed suit, including France, Hungary and the U.K. Thailand agreed last year to comply with the World Health Organization guidelines, and packs officially showed up in stores Tuesday. Businesses have until Dec. 8 to phase out stocks before facing fines of up to 40,000 baht ($1,300). The standardized packaging includes a graphic picture of tobacco’s effects on t

Smoking and Diabetes

Everyone knows cigarette smoking is bad for you, but did you know it can lead to type 2 diabetes? And if you have diabetes, smoking can make it much worse. Learn how they’re connected and why quitting is one of the best things you can do for your health. How Smoking Can Lead to Type 2 Diabetes Insulin helps blood sugar enter cells, but nicotine changes cells so they don’t respond to insulin, which increases blood sugar levels. Chemicals in cigarettes harm cells in your body and cause inflammation. This also makes cells stop responding to insulin. People who smoke have a higher risk of belly fat, which increases the risk for type 2 diabetes even if they aren’t overweight. All in all, if you s

How Cigarette Butts Pollute the Environment

Thousands of smokers don't think twice about leaving a trail of cigarette litter behind them. According to Keep America Beautiful (KAB), Americans are smoking fewer cigarettes than ever before, yet cigarette butts continue to be the most commonly littered item in the United States and around the world today. A Plague on Our Planet KAB specifies two reasons for this statistic—lack of awareness on the smoker's part, and the lack of availability of waste receptacles at transition locations, such as outside stores and other buildings, and at public transportation pickup spots. Surprisingly, 77 percent of people in a survey by KAB responded that they didn't think of cigarette butts as litter. KAB

Cigarette butts are toxic plastic pollution. Should they be banned?

Trillions of cigarette butts are thrown into the environment every year, where they leach nicotine and heavy metals before turning into microplastic pollution. WHAT'S THE WORLD'S MOST LITTERED PLASTIC ITEM? CIGARETTE BUTTS Cigarette filters are the “last acceptable form of littering,” but there are solutions that can help our health and planet. SMOKERS AROUND THE world buy roughly 6.5 trillion cigarettes each year. That’s 18 billion every day. While most of a cigarette’s innards and paper wrapping disintegrate when smoked, not everything gets burned. Trillions of cigarette filters—also known as butts or ends—are left over, only an estimated third of which make it into the trash. The rest are

Vaping teens are dealing with a side effect called 'vape tongue,' and doctors still don'

As vape-related illnesses continue to mount, people are increasingly sharing the symptoms they've experienced from using the devices, including one called "vape tongue." During a recent Colorado vaping focus groups for teens, many young vapers said they had experienced vape tongue, a condition where vape juice desensitizes a person's tongue so they can't taste flavours anymore, Thomas Ylioja, a tobacco-cessation expert at Denver's National Jewish Health, told Wall Street Journal. Compared to vape-related symptoms like chronic cough, trouble breathing, and nausea, vape tongue is a lesser-discussed side effect, perhaps because it typically resolves on its own, according to Dr. Erich Voigt, a c